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Sustainable Urban Deltas

Creating new relationships

When rapidly growing mega cities begin to rethink the way they are designed, opportunities arise. These cities become sustainable urban deltas once they realize that they can only continue to expand if they integrate food production in the green belt or urban growth boundary surrounding the city. This approach can help solve problems related to housing, mobility, energy, water and food. Close links between the city and the green belt will promote social cohesion, a healthier and greener environment, employment opportunities and economic growth.

"The challenges are enormous, but we tend to make these problems so big that it paralyzes us. The answer is easy: Let’s start with food and from there create new relationships."

The Foundation

About helping Mega Cities

The Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation was established to help megacities make choices that open the door to healthy and sustainable urban growth. A crucial element of our approach is the local production of healthy, fresh food in green belts, undeveloped or agricultural land surrounding or adjacent to cities.

Cities that incorporate green belts into their urban planning will find that this creates many opportunities. Our Foundation helps advocates of Sustainable Urban Deltas to successfully integrate the solutions cities need. By uniting people who want to share knowledge and exchange ideas, we can enhance skills, build capabilities, create assets, generate jobs, and eventually improve livelihoods.

Our goal is to inspire city governments, urban planners, architects, real estate developers, businesses and entrepreneurial citizens to rethink the way cities are designed and embrace the idea that a major part of their food can be produced locally and sustainably.

We can help find the best conditions and create new concepts for developing an ecosystem for green belts within the city. Our worldwide network means the foundation can bring people and cities together to help realize their ambitions. The Foundation wants to initiate, intermediate, learn together and remain involved until tangible results are achieved.

We aim to be the catalyst and the connector, but more importantly: with the support of others we want to contribute to the creation of a better future.

Green Belts for Available Fresh Food

Food production in urban areas ensures local production of sufficient, fresh and healthy food where it is needed: close to the people. Great examples exist all over the world and they prove that it’s possible!

Green Belts for Sustainable change

Embracing Green Belts instead of pushing them out is an opportunity to stop with old behavior that destroys or ruins our planet, to start making smart use of scarce resources and stimulate sustainability and circularity.

Green Belts for Livable cities

There’s more! Food production can be a starting point for tackling problems related to living, energy, water and waste. It enables new connections on a social, ecological and economic level, solving many environmental problems.

Our Approach

This is how we do it!

We Inspire

The foundation aims to maximize support and convince policy makers to rethink their cities by integrating sustainable food production in their urban planning. This all starts with inspiration and awareness.

The foundation is also maximizing reach and impact with a series of documentaries it is producing. These films will be shown at events and online. Furthermore, Meiny and other members of the Foundation will act as keynote speakers, publish articles about relevant topics and connect with local and national policy makers, mayors, architects, city planners and entrepreneurs.

The foundation can build on many years of experience growing safe and healthy food with minimal use of natural resources and extremely low environmental impact. We share this vast knowledge of integrated food production as well as our extensive network, making us an essential link for cities ready to take on the challenge of creating sustainable green belts.

As a businesswoman and spokesperson for the Netherlands Trade Association, SUD founder Meiny Prins can count on a vast network of experts in the field of sustainable urban development to support her aim to realize Sustainable Urban Deltas worldwide.

Over the past years, Meiny has shared her vision with many audiences, made up of diverse, relevant and prominent members. Her message was received as inspiring, enlightening and energizing.

We Create

It is the aim of the Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation to help cities, organizations and citizens transform inspiration into action and work towards tangible results. We will use our expertise to find geographical opportunities in cities where the first steps can be taken.

We will create proposals for transforming these opportunities into projects that contribute to healthy living and working conditions, renewable energy, clean drinking water, waste management and safe and healthy food.

Together with the cities and their stakeholders we will conceive smart, actionable and financially feasible projects, using existing space and available technology. All based on expert analysis and calculation so that we can offer viable business models.

Once the plans have been approved, the foundation will assist with implementation.

We Connect

Finally, the Sustainable Urban Delta Foundation aims to be a connector: the platform where crucial parties find each other to learn, create and become firmly involved so that tangible results can be achieved.

The Foundation will have its own online platform, where existing initiatives and examples from many cities all around the world can be showcased, explored and discussed.

Essentially, we are the catalyst, we are the connector, but most importantly: with the support of others we make it possible to really create something beautiful. Our key objectives are:


Increase the visibility of existing projects


Inspire people to become involved and help the movement financially


Show that sustainable urban deltas are viable


Increase willingness and commitment among entrepreneurs


Connect people so they can inspire one another

We’re not just saying this! We bring in our solid background in integrated food production and will dedicate our experience, skills and network to reach our goals. Our integral approach makes us a unique and will enable us to create essential alliances and support the stakeholders as well.

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